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300 hours & Advanced Course Modules - Harnessing Power & Refining Light

300 hour Teacher Training Programme

The Advanced Course (300 hrs) is offered as the 200 hour teacher training programme plus a series Modules online or in retreat form.

These additional modules may be taken the year that follows the 200 hour TTC. The programme is made up of 7 obligatory weekend modules, a retreat examination period & 2 further retreat modules either online or in 3-5 day retreat modules. Self-study is also part of this programme.

You have a certified Yoga teaching qualification (200 + hours), you are already teaching, you have a serious regular practice- the 300 hours offers you a module based programme that allows you to deepen your practice and your range of teaching tools and knowledge.

The 300 hour TTC is open to all yogis with a regular practice as well as teachers of yoga and it is based on the ShivaShakti 200hrs programme with an extra examination element and 100 additional training hours choosing from two further module options in retreat or online format - main subjects Elements & Energies (Earthschooling), Women's Wellness, Holistic Health & Wild Wolf Wisdom, Hormonal Rebalancing & Lunar Restore.

Modules are based around the notions of:

Retreat Modules offered

Additional Training in 2024

You may enjoy these modules as a personal retreat and not necessarily as part of a training programme

A five day training course to learn the fundamentals of a vinyasa practice. You will learn and integrate the ShivaShakti Methodology as well as the basic concepts of a Vinyasa Practice. We will be exploring the idea of Solar and Lunar flow practice & how to create a multi-layered class that flow & glows. This training is a 50 hour accredited course.

Online Accredited Training

Modules Offered Online

You may enjoy these online modules for your own personal development or enjoyment and not necessarily as part of a training programme

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