Joining the 200 and 300 hour Teacher Training Course

You have various options to join the Teacher Training Courses offered by ShivaShakti Yoga School:

For the 200 Hours

The Foundation Course (200 hrs) is offered in 7 weekends spread over eight months residential in Burgundy and a final residential retreat at the end of June to complete the training.

The training runs every October and ends in June/July of the following year. Interviews are open from November – August for the 200 hours and 300 hour course.

When you sign up

A detailed copy of the programme as well as the Welcome Booklet, Interior Rules & Evaluation process, Application Form & any other information deemed useful for the 200, 300 hour Teacher Training programmes as well as for the 20-50 hour training modules, will be sent to you via email upon completion of this application as well as the conditions of qualification. To receive the full certified qualification you will need to complete the training course in it’s entirety and pass the examination procedure. 

Please note that we have a 99% success rate for this rich & detailed training course

For the 300 Hours

The Advanced Course (300 hrs) is the full 200 hour programme plus an additional 100 hours (a choice of 2, 5 day retreat modules and /or online programmes t complete the journey) These 5 day retreat modules may also be enjoyed individually as an additional yoga Teacher Training module or as additional training post the 200 hour programme towards the 300 hour programme – all are registered with the International Yoga Alliance. For more information on the 300 Hour Programme. 

Eligibility for the 200 Hour Accreditation:

Accreditation RYT 200 & 300

Upon successful completion of the full 200hr & 300hr course participants will receive a certificate of completion. This is awarded based on a demonstrable comprehension of the principles and practice of Vinyasa Flow Yoga & Restorative Yin practice, with an ability to clearly communicate this to others. It also includes a variety of course work to be completed during the teaching training course and during the final retreat / exam

ShivaShati School is a Registered Yoga School and The Foundations of a Fluid Practice Teacher Training Program 200hrs & 300hrs are registered and approved by the International Yoga Alliance. It is an internationally recognised course both in the Europe and internationally.

Once you receive your certificate you may simply send in a copy to the International Yoga Alliance ( along with their required YA Fees and register to become an RYT 200 or RYT 300 Yoga Teacher.

An application can be found below & can be sent to you once you have had an interview with Charlotte to assess your motivations.

Eligibility for the 300 hour Accreditation

Accreditation & the International Yoga Alliance:

is an international organisation that assists teachers, yoga studios and students in choosing a quality training programme that is then recognised Internationally. This allows you to register as an approved Yoga Alliance teacher, allows you to receive certificates even for additional training modules (no obligation to be on the 200 and 300 hour paths). ShivaShakti is also part of the official register for Training Companies in France which can lead to help financing your training courses (Opcalia, Agefos-PME, Uniformation et Baia) ou publics (Région, Pole Emploi).  We are in the process of passing the Qauliopi status. DREET : 84 73 01938 73

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