Earth School

Life Coaching for connected living & simplicity

Coaching pour une vie connectée – un chemin vers simplicité & authenticité.

Le Yoga et les textes sacrés autour de ce sujet riche offrent une immense boîte à outil …. ces pratiques anciennes sont tout à fait pertinentes maintenant mais yoga est une évolution et doit s’adapter avec nous sur le chemin de la vie. On prend en considération notre environnement, notre phase de vie, la vie dans laquelle on se trouve et on évolue avec. Earth School vous propose 8 modules de coaching en ligne autour des chakras, des éléments et votre Dharma (chemin de vie). Des textes sacrés, du yoga, des méditations, des leçons par vidéo, des chats live – tout pour vous aider à adapter ce voyage de vie pour trouver votre propre harmonie. Disponible à partir de janvier 2021.

Coaching for connected living – a journey to simplicity and authenticity.

Yoga and the sacred texts and rituals around this subject offer a massive box of tools from which to live and learn… these ancient practices are so relevant even now but yoga is an evolution just as life is. We are in changing and evolving times. As human bodies & beings on this ever changing & suffering planet, we are constantly evolving. We learn to adapt ourselves & seek our harmony, our place within in it.

Earth School offers 8 online coaching modules based on ancient sutras, yoga, meditation, chakra & element based learning to help you find your Dharma – your authentic place on earth – and live in a connected, balanced, authentic way. From ancient to modern Earth School will be available from January 2021.

Connected Authentic Living

Earth School is a brand new project that offers online coaching modules based around the 7 main chakras and their link to the elements. How we function, connect, vibrate on this planet and how the universe speaks to us in ancient tongues if only we would listen and open our hearts to it’s call. A unique modern approach taking ancient texts and myths into a modern context for relevant authentic living.

7 Modules of training with a bonus module offered at the end of the programme…

Online coaching available from January 2021.


Module 1 : Root to Rise – start from the roots & ground down

Module 2 : As the Waters Flow – be a mermaid embrace fluidity

Module 3 : Fire Power – Ignite your inner fires

Module 4 : The Air you Breath – Your heart will thank you as you fly free

Module 5 : Creating Space – set your creative soul free

Module 6 : Seeing from behind your eyes – Opening to grace

Module 7 : Closing the spiral when the circle is bigger – serving & liberating the soul

Bonus Module : Connecting to the infinite – grounding for opening wider