Retreats & Workshops

A retreat is a unique time to leave your daily life behind a dive deeper into your meditation & Yoga practice. Charlotte organises a variety of retreats, yoga holidays & workshops based on some of the aspects in the teacher training programme & also on feminine sensuality, hormone yoga, restorative & nourishing practice. Charlotte organises retreats with Pure Experience.

Deep Retreats & Breaks

Mountain & Forest Attitude

Precious time in a sacred space. “The mountains of Savoie & Haute Savoie have always nourished my soul & filled my heart with joy. They are my home, my source of inspiration, my foundation. Charlotte teaches private coaching sessions in the Tarentaise mountains & the forests of Burgundy  – perfect locations & an ideal backdrop to dive deeper into your practice & flow with the grounded magnificence that is altitude energy.” 

Next Retreats

Women’s Wellness – Hormonal Rebalancing & Holistic Wellness

12th – 16th October



Harnessing Your Power, Filtering your Light

Charlotte organises retreats and themes escapes as part of the teacher training but also with Pure Experience. What better way to get away from it all than to head to the coast, the beaches of the French Atlantic coast, the countryside of Bourgogne.  Precious time surrounded by water, vast landscapes & the elements at their finest!

This retreat is a brand new insight into her teacher training method ShivaShakti, the harmony of Solar & Lunar Energies & her unique teaching methodology

Next retreat :

50 Hour accredited Journey 8th – 12th June 2022

Bourgogne & Provence

Yoga Holidays

It is a chance to enjoy your yoga practice for YOU and incorporate a healthy perspective in terms of the food you eat, the activity you do and the attitude you have. Each year Charlotte leads a series of retreats in beautiful places to enhance the deep yoga practice. From Marrakesh  to the countryside of Bourgogne & the Ardèche, to the mountains of Savoie et Haute Savoie and the beauty of Provence to the depths of the south of France

Next themed holidays

Yoga & the Sacred Feminine, Burgundy 1st – 5th August


Charlotte’s Outlook

Charlotte is an advocate of a fresh outlook to life and has chosen a lifestyle of sport, outdoor healthy living and eating and a very healthy dose of fun! Her yoga is real, fluid, theme based, thoughtful & a mix of prana flow, hatha, yin & ashtanga. Her yoga retreats & holidays are a moment to share, of true passions uniting with nature, of meeting people, of cleansing body and soul, and of laughter. These are times that Charlotte cherishes as they are always special and uniquely memorable.

Come and join her and dive into this fresh, unique approach to your yoga practice.

Where do you want to go?

There is something for everyone – Mountains, Countryside, City & Sea!

Mountains Energy

Charlotte is based in the mountains and organises events in these unique locations. She travels a lot now though and tries to bring that mountains energy with her.  Take a look at everything Charlotte offeres right here

Creating unique experiences to dive deeply into meditation and yoga practice. 

Themed Retreats

With Pure Experience Charlotte teaches a variety of themed retreats, at various festivals and various modules that form part of the teacher training programme but are open to experienced practitioners. Charlotte also teaches weekend stages around the themes of the elements – these can be part of a teacher training programme or just for deepening your practice

Nature Based Yoga & Online Learning

Water, Sand & Sea air has a very special nurturing affect on our bodies.

Charlotte always takes time out at least once a year to be near the ocean. For all details on her online programmes & earthschooling

For details of her retreat and workshop calendar please consult her personal website 

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