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We have a team of teachers offering a well rounded and holistic approach to Yoga for the modern yogi.

Charlotte Saint Jean

Lead Trainer ShivaShakti, Director YogaChezMoi, Author, Writer, Creator of Festivals Women’s Spirit & Val d’Isère

Charlotte teaches a Flow style yoga that integrates Hatha, Vinyasa, Prana Flow, Ashtanga, Para, Hormone & Yin Yoga. With nearly 20 years of teaching experience and more years of passionate practice in a variety of yoga styles and traditions. Charlotte lives & loves her yoga life. Author, Yoga – Rayonner sa puissance au féminin (Ed Eyrolles) & Resilience (Ed Pegasus) yoga classes, workshops, private coaching and retreats, contributor to Happiness magazine, Creator and Director of the first online yoga site in French, YogaChezMoi, and creator of the Women’s Spirit Festival and Bliss Bordeaux, as well as the online coaching platform earthschool. Charlotte has turned her passion into an artful way of life.

Cécile Roubaud

Yin, Vinyasa, Prana Yoga

Cécile has 10 years of teaching under her belt and fully enjoys her passion with this ancient art. Cécile has over the years developed her own unique style mixing Ashtanga, Prana Flow & Yin yoga. Cécile joins the team for the Yin Yoga modules. Cécile is also a writer of several books based on Yin Yoga.

Cécile teaches our Yin Yoga Module in May each year.

Aleksandra Jozwiak-Guyon

Médecin Généraliste, Maman, Professeur de Yoga ShivaShakti, Hypnose et Homéopat

“What is important for a Doctor and for the patient is a relationship of confidence with precise & clear information and a mutual respect. To maintain the best health possible, we need to be informed about how our body functions, identity needs, evaluate risks and find balance together.  This is why I integrate a holistic approach to my work as a doctor and now in this training course. I love sharing my vision of balanced health.

Aleksandra teaches our anatomy modules each year in January.


Taking time out to enjoy a retreat & dive deeper into your practice is often a good way to work out if a teacher training course & further study is right for you… Retreats are organised around a central holistic theme but are always incredible spontaneous ways to explore self! Charlotte organises a variety of retreats stay in touch to find out more.


Charlotte organises a variety of workshops throughout the year online & in a variety of locations in and around France. She teaches a regular Face Yoga Cycle online & offers training in these holistic techniques.

Charlotte has also created the earthschool which offers a variety of online programmes to discover yet further your sovereignty & shine even brighter.


A yoga & wellness festival is an amazing opportunity to discover plenty of different yoga styles with international, experienced teachers brining their passion to live in a modern, fun & intelligent way. Charlotte organises two festivals including Women’s Spirit in Provence & co organises the Bliss Bordeaux festival.

Online Home Practice

Home practice is vital in any development & progression in yoga, meditation & inner harmony. Charlotte created 6 years ago the first online yoga site in French so that thousands of people could continue their practice at home when they want, how they want & at an affordable price. Discover hundreds of online yoga, pilates & meditation practices 

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This is a journey, a personal voyage through your body, your preconceived ideas, your deeper feelings. This is a journey within to feel your heart beat aligning with the beating heart of the earth. This is YOUR journey towards harmony..

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