Charlotte Saint Jean

Lead Trainer ShivaShakti, Director YogaChezMoi, Creator of the Women’s Spirit & Earthschool

Charlotte teaches a Flow style yoga that integrates Hatha, Vinyasa, Prana Flow, Ashtanga, Para, Hormone & Yin Yoga. With nearly 20 years of teaching experience and more years of passionate practice in a variety of yoga styles and traditions. Charlotte lives & loves her yoga life. Author, Yoga – Rayonner sa puissance au féminin (Ed Eyrolles) & Resilience (Ed Pegasus) yoga classes, workshops, private coaching and retreats, contributor to Happiness magazine, Creator and Director of the first online yoga site in French, YogaChezMoi, and creator of the Women’s Spirit Festival and Bliss Bordeaux, as well as the online coaching platform earthschool. Charlotte has turned her passion into an artful way of life.

Catherine Sibille

@Bourgogne. Qualified in 2019 Catherine teaches in Tournus and the surrounding area (Saône & Loire, Bourgogne) as well as on retreats. She also world for Pure Experience. Hook up with Catherine on her facebook page.


Laura Lobjoit

@Bordeaux. Qualified in 2018. Yoga & Pilates teacher in Aquitaine and Bordeaux and Manager of the Bliss Bordeaux festival Laura lives her passion to the full!

Contact Laura on her site bellibulle or her Facebook page .

Roselyne Steurer

@Bourgogne. Qualified in 2018 Roselyne teaches Yin, Vinyasa and stress management ion Louhans and Frontenaud in Bourgogne.

Contact her   on her facebook – Yoga Vinyasa Louhans.

Diane Jacquin

@Carignan Bordeaux & Gironde – Qualified in 2019 Diane is a swimming coach, sports coach and now yoga teacher. She often c combines all techniques in some unique lake side and water based classes.

Contact Diane  Body Bloom.

Nathalie Maurey

@ Paris. Qualified in 2018 Nathalie teaches vinyasa, yin yoga & kundalini yoga at home in Paris (16th arrondissement).

Contact Nathalie on Instagram Nathalie Maurey or par mail

Justine Moulinier

@Tahiti. After a number of years in dance and theatre Justine chose a yoga route. Qualified in 2018 she lives now in Tahiti, where she teaches in harmony with nature. 

Contacte Justine on her Facebook page

Gaëlle Jarton

@Toulouse – Haute Garonne. Qualified in  2018 Gaëlle teaches Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Nidra & Mindfullness Meditation at StudYo’Ga in Colombiers. She is also a therapist in mind-body techniques. Find Gaëlle on her web site or her FB page

Perrine Cochard

@Gap. Qualified in 2018 Perrine is passionate about yoga, art and nature. This combination can be found in all her classes – she teaches workshops and classes in Gap. You can c contact Perrine via her facebook page

Morgane Staskowiak

@Val d’Isère & Aix les Bains. Qualified in 2019 Morgane teaches Vinyasa & Yin in group and privates classes in Val d’Isère & Aix les Bains with her own personal feminine touch.

To contact Morgane head to  her facebook page

Laila Politi

@Genève: Practitioner in Ayurvedic medecin qualifiée in 2019 as a ShivaShakti yoga teacher, Laïla teaches Vinyasa, the danse du dragon and Yin in private classes only. She also offers personalised sadhana as part of her Ayurvedic consultations & conferences for the ShivaShakti training programmes

Contact Laila

Marie-France Farré

@Hossegore. Qualified in 2019, Marie-France teaches Vinyasa and Yin at home in Hossegor and surrounding areas. She is also a Naturopath, a Yoga therapist and has published.a variety of books notably,  “Le yoga du ventre” (Hachette).

You can contact her via her web site or her  instagram.

Emmanuelle Cammisar

@Strasbourg  Qualifiée en 2019, Emmanuelle enseigne un yoga doux et fluide à Strasbourg et alentours. Ses voyages yoga mêlent mouvement, respiration, conte, massage et s’adressent à tous les publics: de l’adulte au bébé.


Pascale Ruef

@Lausanne Suisse Qualified in 2022 Pascale teaches different styles of yoga & animates personal development workshops. Her teachings are full of generosity, love, freedom & kindness.

Aurélie Caudullo

@Lyon. Qualifiée en 2022, Aurélie enseigne le Hatha yoga, le Yin yoga et le Yoga vinyasa au sein de l’école Yogama. Elle est aussi thérapeute psycho-corporelle. Elle est passionnée par l’être humain et son fonctionnement global. Selon elle, la pratique du yoga est au service du bien-être de chacun.

Son site web et sa page Facebook

Patricia Iselin

@Yverdon, Suisse 

Qualifiée en 2021, Patricia découvre sa vocation autour de l’harmonisation des éléments et des chakras sur la base d’une pratique fluide lunaire ou solaire avec la méthodologie ShivaShakti qu’elle enseigne en classe et à peine possible dans la nature en relation profonde avec elle.

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