Grandmother Moon

May we loosen our grip and open our hearts

May we release all that is no longer a vibrational match

May our hearts be open, stretched and full

May our arms ad minds stay open so that what is on its way can arrive swiftly

May our mouths be used as vehicles of truth, integrity and peace

May our creations travel, our new projects be ignited, our deepest prayers be heard, and our hearts held by the mystery that simply is.

And so it is, and so it is, and so it is

Rebecca Campbell


Why this Teacher Training?

When I was in my teacher training with the Sivananda Vedanta International Yoga School in 2002 I received a spiritual name from Swami Kailasanada. She asked for my chosen mantra (which was based on Saraswati…. creativity, knowledge, music… ), we both entered into a meditation and after about 20 minutes she said “Shakti”. I was a little naïve at the time and didn’t really know what that meant – “universal manifestation of energy, it is the life-force and powerful energy…it is a very powerful name”… WOW. Honestly, I did not feel equipped to have this name but I had it…. a few years later I searched on the internet using my name – Shakti yoga – Shiva Rea’s Shakti Rhythms appeared on the screen. I bought the DVD, my yoga path diverted, my personal and professional life was on a very new and exciting tangent. The flow of prana, the fluidity & femininity I could finally manifest started to fill my yoga practice & teaching.

Now, 15 years later, I am starting to manifest the creative energy of Saraswati & the rising of Kundalini and the universal energy of Shakti. I needed time, experience and practice to create a stable and rooted base to my life, my yoga path, my practice. I needed space and time to feel I could unite abilities & passions to further share this incredible discipline. ShivaShakti is born of many years of personal experience, work on my own mind, body, spiritual journey. The creative juices, study, presence and desire are now present… ShivaShakti School of Yoga. The foundations of a fluid practice is born!

A human being is meant to do more and achieve more than just survive. We all seek material security & happiness but our spirit,
soul or essence long for something greater than what temporal, pleasure & mere survival can provide.

Harness Power & Refine Light

Why do we practice?


Seek not to learn the sutras instead seek to learn who is the one who studies the scripture.

Wise Man

The path of our yoga practice through asana, pranayama helps clear the way for the meditation to flourish, the mind to relax and detach & the discipline of yoga to fully expand & flourish. People come to yoga for many reasons often physical at the beginning but very quickly this translates to a deeper need or resonance.

Rod Stryker, Four Desires. 


Charlotte’s Background

Yoga started fo me as a physical journey – powerful Ashtanga sequences, very masculine, solar, energy that I loved but that I found over time my personality & body didn’t need to encourage. The slower, Yin, fluid lunar sequences I learnt to love over time – through my pregnancies, as life treated me to intense times, made me appreciate that the practice of yoga is an evolutionary path and that as we tune into our bodies needs we can find inner and outer harmony in our modern routines through these ancient practices. Just as the sun, or Suyra, pushes a masculine energy so does the moon (Chandra) energy particularly the arrival of the full moon time, lends itself towards the more female energy. We need both energies in our lives to push forwards dynamically and stimulate the intellect (Buddhi) but we also need the down time for the mind – the Soma of the moon’s beautiful liquid nectar. Both are needed in our lives, in our days, but we shouldn’t over stimulate one or other. Our yoga practice can and should reflect these qualities as we tune in a listen to what the body & mind requires….a box of tools for your daily life.

Yoga is very popular now-a-days and as trends go this one at the moment seems to be pretty far removed from the ancient traditions. Lycra- (or eco versions of this) clad perfect tanned bodies on beaches or other incredible locations performing amazing poses seems a far cry from the Vedantic philosophy…. As a modern Yogini I try and make sense of the many yoga traditions I have been exposed to & try to incarnate some of the sacred feminine forces that I feel are part of my own existence. The goddesses of Indian mythology (Lakshmi, Saraswati, Bhumi, Parvati, Durga, Kali) represent the many faces of what women embody – the passionate, the creative, the nurturing, the grounding, the capable of giving birth, of juggling tasks, of adapting to the energy required. I came to yoga from a very physical premiss. I had a very religious and I suppose spiritual path in my childhood that I had chosen to bury for sometime so this was not my starting point when I cam to yoga. The challenge over the years has been how to marry the physical practice to the spiritual and how to mirror my life’s, my body’s needs whilst still living in a modern world and feeding the needs of my family. I have also over those years used my yoga practice & meditation – amongst other techniques – to find myself, to sit in my true essence, to live my own dharma and not one that others expect of me, to truly relish in my true feminine essence.

My life & the rich experiences I have been lucky enough to enjoy my children, my friends, my family, my battles with my body, my many & varied yoga classes, teachers & training courses as well as 20 years of teaching experience have led me to fully appreciate how much yoga is an amazing “tool box” – spiritual, physical & mental. My own balance & harmony within the very busy life I lead of a working mother, partner, business women, friend often lead me away from time with myself. My yoga practice is a sacred moment when I find my place & space on the mat, in my body, in my mind.

Charlotte Saint Jean

The Foundation 200hrs Vinyasa flow yoga course, runs over 9 months from October to June.

This teacher training flows from Autumn to Summer & is based on two decades of my personal experience of living Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda. It is rich path of personal learning and contemplation but you will also complete the training with a huge box of yoga tools to use and to help you teach.

The program consists of 7 residential weekends and a 5 day retreat in Southern Burgundy near Tournus. You are looking to become a yoga teacher and have a healthy practice and/or are looking to deepen your own practice – the 200 hour ShivaShatki teacher training course offers you a deep and varied foundations course.

The training course
is based on 7 weekends and a 5 day retreat and is completely accredited by the International Yoga Alliance

Interviews for the October 2022 start of this programme are now open


During the Program we will:

Take a personal voyage through your body, your preconceived ideas, your deeper feelings. This is a journey within to feel your heart beat aligning with the beating heart of the earth. This is your journey towards harmony.

  • To sense your journey & feel your body
  • To light your light
  • To stand in your own presence
  • To find your voice & shine
  • To take ancient practices & bring them
    into a modern, relevant context
  • To work with the elements, energetic
    flow of the body, mantras, the Doshas
    & ancient texts
  • To bring all of this together physically, mentally, spiritually.

This is your path to awakening the Shakti & using this sacred and powerful energy to transform your practice, teaching & lifestyle.

This course is intensive & needs commitment! Spaces are limited to 18 so if you are interested in applying please contact me Charlotte @ YogaChezMoi .com

The aim is to offer you a methodology that you can clearly refer to and offer you the tools that you can use to shape your own teaching whilst staying fun learning how to practice and teach so that we maximise the learning curve in a stimulating environment. You will be expected to read and prepare work as well as practice in between the 7 weekend modules so as to progress and integrate the curriculum fully. The final exam will be a combination of the 7 weekend module’s work, some written and filmed material as well as a final teacher exam prior to & during the course of the 5 day retreat held in June.

Ultimately Teaching is an art and we are artists. As every art is a way of expressing your creating self, before you can reach an artistic level of expression though there is great deal of techniques and repetition involved and the Course is the ideal way for you to learn and practice your teaching skills. Anatomy, Philosophy and History of Yoga will be interspersed throughout the duration of the Course so that you will have the time to familiarise yourself with these concepts gradually and organically. You need time to digest… you need time to integrate… 9 months is the period of a pregnancy from the initial stages to giving birth so that you can integrate fully the ancient teachings of Yoga into your own contemporary lifestyle!

Dates & Module Themes for the Training Course for 2023

 All training courses are held near Vaison la Romaine, Provence

Foundations of a Fluid Practice 6th-8th October 2023 Charlotte Saint Jean
Ayurveda & Yoga, Doshic Alignment 3rd – 5th November 2023 Charlotte Saint Jean
Elements & Energies 8th – 10th December 2023 – Charlotte Saint Jean
Anatomy 12th – 14th January 2024 – Aleksandra Joswiak-Guyon
The Pillars of Femininity 1st – 3rd March 2024 Charlotte Saint Jean
Inner Alignment Lunar Restore 5th – 7th April 2024 Charlotte Saint Jean
Foundations of a Yin Practice 3rd – 5th May 2024 Cécile Roubaud
Retreat & Final Exam 28th June – 2nd July 2024. Final retreat & Exam

For more information & to apply
please contact Charlotte at – she will be interviewing individually each student before accepting them into the programme. The course will be taught in French & English if necessary

This Training Course is for:

Those seeking to deepen their practice. Those seeking to become yoga teachers & explore their potential. Teachers who are looking to widen their knowledge, experience & encourage their creativity & spiritual awakening. You may find yourself on this path called yoga by pure chance, by a series of circumstances, through a physical or spiritual desire to seek out your Dharma (your reason for being here). You may even have undertaken a teacher training course already but feel that something is missing from your practice or teaching style, your personal ability in certain postures, something lacking in your meditation practice. You may also have progressed since your “beginnings” wherever and whenever they have been and now is the time to go deeper. We welcome you – the door always opens at the right time for you. This programme also forms the base for the 300 hour TTC.

You should
Already have a strong & regular practice.
Be prepared to work, be committed, be disciplined.
Be prepared to go deeper into your physical and spiritual practice.
Be open to the possibility of change.

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