300 hour Teacher Training Programme

As of 2020/21 The Advanced Course (300 hrs) will be offered as the 200 hour teacher training programme plus a series of Intensive 5 day retreat Modules (see below). These additional modules may be taken the year that follows the 200 hour TTC.  The programme is made up of 7 obligatory weekend modules, a retreat examination period & 2 further retreat modules of 5 days long out of the 4 offered. Self-study is also part of this programme.

You have a certified Yoga teaching qualification (200 + hours), you are already teaching, you have a serious regular practice- the 300 hours offers you a module based programme that allows you to deepen your practice and your range of teaching tools and knowledge.  Vous avez une certification en tant que professeur de yoga déjà (200+ heures), vous enseignez déjà, la formation 300 heures vous offre une formation à base de modules retraite et weekend.

The 300 hour TTC is open to all yogis with a regular practice as well as teachers of yoga and it is based on the ShivaShakti 200hrs programme with an extra examination element and 100 additional training hours choosing from two out of four retreat options – Pillars of Femininity, Elements, Energies and Chakras, Lunar Restore & Hormonal Rebalancing and Doshic Alignment through yoga. These four retreat options can also be taken individually as an additional yoga Teacher Training module or as part of the 300 hour programme (certified by the International Yoga Alliance).

Modules are based around the notions of:

  • Foundations of a Fluid Practice – the ShivaShakti methodology around harmonising elements & movements of energy
  • Earth & Lunar Elements – Rooting to Rise, Nourishment for body & soul
  • Creative Fluidity – Encouraging the inner liquid to flow freely
  • Solar & Fire forces – Igniting the inner fire & harnessing power
  • Lightness & Space – Air & Ether
  • Doshic Balancing – using Ayurvedic teachings & integrating them into your yoga practice for balance & harmony
  • Nourishing the Inner Goddess – a beautiful module around the Goddesses Shakti, Bhumi, Saraswati, Kali/Durga, Lakshmi, Rati
  • Yin Yoga – taking time to open the body
  • Anatomy – weekend study of the anatomical structure of the body in a yoga context.

There will also be a teacher assessment weekend for the final examinations and certification.

Retreat Modules offered as Additional Training in 2022


You may enjoy these modules as a personal retreat and not necessarily as part of a training programme 

23rd – 27th March 2022 Elements, Energies & Chakras, Bourgogne 

A five day retreat to connect with the energy and chakra points through the practice of yoga asana, breathing and meditation. 5 jours pour explorer en profondeur les chakras, leur relation avec la nature et les éléments et notre harmonie physique, émotionnelle et spirituelle…

18th – 22nd May 2022 Pillars of Femininity, Bourgogne

A five day retreat to celebrate and connect to the Goddess and intuitive sacred feminine within through the practice of yoga asana, breathing and meditation. Un stage de 5 jours autour des piliers de la féminité – une exploration des déesses Saraswati, Bhumi, Parvati, Durga, Kali, Lakshmi, Rati….. explorer votre force, douceur, créativité et sensualité….2 

12th – 16th 2022 October Lunar Restore & Hormonal ReBalancing, Rejuvenation & Wellness, Bourgogne

Un stage de 5 jours autour du module Lunar Restore – une recherche d’harmonie intérieure – et l’équilibre hormonal (pour le femmes) inspiré de Yin yoga & du Hormone Yoga de Dinah Rodrigues. A new five day retreat to connect within and restore body, mind and soul through slow flow yoga, deep meditation, pranayama and yin practices. Based around the Lunar Restore module – a deep search for inner harmony – and a hormonal balancing for women – based on Yin Yoga and the Hormone Yoga teachings of Dinah Rodrigues

17th – 21st November 2022 Doshic Alignment through Yoga,  Bourgogne

A five day retreat to balance our doshic prakritti through the practice of yoga asana, breathing and meditation. Conferences about the basic theories of Auyurveda constitution & nutrition, practices, teacher trainings. 5 jours autour de l’alignement doshique via le yoga ….Charlotte saint jean enseignante principale avec deux conférences et des consultations donnés par Laila Politi


Please note: the 300 hour Teacher Training will become an extension of the 200 programme. 200 hours plus two 5 day retreat modules and additional home work and examination to increase the training hours by 100 to make the 300 hour programme and to dive deeper into the ShivaShakti Methodology and your practice.


For the dates of the 200 Hour Teacher Training Programme please click here.


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