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Vision of ShivaShakti

Training programmes require the right state of mind. You need to be practicing regularly, have an open heart & mind and a passion and desire to move forwards in your own practice before you can hope to move forwards and teach this ancient discipline in a modern context.

Shiva Shakti Training programmes

have been created by Charlotte Saint Jean

With more than 20 years of personal practice & healing, these training programmes are evolving each year in richness with a 200 hours TTC starting again in October 2023 as well as a 300 hour TTC combining the 200 hour programme & optional online or residential retreats to complete the 300 hour certification. These training programmes represent a methodology and passion to create inner harmony taking ancient practices into the modern world. 50 hour modules are also available as stand alone courses & all can be funded through the Qualiopi system

50 Hours Accredited Vinyasa Flow

Brand new to the ShivaShakti portfolio a 50 hour Flow Yoga Teacher Training Programme

To allow all to enjoy the depth of the ShivaShakti Method. An insight into what you could discover in the 200 & 300 hour programmes. More details to follow very soon : 14th – 18th June 2023 Burgundy, France.

Harnessing Power & Refining Light

The Key Points of the Shiva Shakti training course

ShivaShakti Training offers 20 & 50 Hour modules to dive deeper into the following subjects

To learn how feed your body, mind & spirit through

To integrate a notion of non-duality & find deep harmony

The 300 hour option is based on the 200 hour programme and 2 modules to be enjoyed as retreats online or in presence. There are also a few weekend retreat modules that can be enjoyed whether you are on the training programmes or not & many of these professional training programmes & modules can be funded through the Qualiopi status that Shivashakti holds. Please enquire for more details

Training is in French & English if necessary

For the 200 and 300 hour programmes in 2023/24 please click below….

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School of Yoga The Foundations of a Fluid Practice

Harnessing Power & Refining Light

This is a journey, a personal voyage through your body, your preconceived ideas, your deeper feelings. This is a journey within to feel your heart beat aligning with the beating heart of the earth. This is YOUR journey towards harmony..

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